Product Description


It is a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium magnesium carbonate CaMg (CO3). Dolomite is found in sedimentary basins around the world and is believed to be formed by a change in limestone when exposed to magnesium-rich groundwater.

Dolomite is a carbon metal made up of magnesium carbonate, so dolomite is called double carbonate rock.


In many industries, dolomite is introduced to reduce the melting point of some minerals and increase their solubility. It also used in the glass industry as a raw material that increases the strength of the final product and in the production of magnesium, which is used in many important industries such as the manufacture of magnetic iron plates, medicines and cosmetics.


Central Desert Company Mining Company owns the Dolomite quarry at Mount Ataqa in Suez. It is produced from the Eocene Dolomite, which is characterized by pure whiteness, and soft hardness.

We also have the ability to grind and crush the ore and processing it in our factory into smaller sizes suitable to all industries according to customers' needs.

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