Silica Sand (Glass Sand)

Product Description

Silica Sand is the main source of silicon (SiO2). Silica sand is the essential raw material for glass and wide range of other industrial and other applications.

We have 2 grades with very high quality of silica sand:

  1. Silica Sand Grade 1
    • Has very high percent of silicon dioxide (SiO2), around 99.56%.
    • Very low percent of iron oxide (Fe2O3), around 0.014%.
  2. Silica Sand Grade 2
    • Also has high percent of silicon (SiO2), ranging from 99.4% to 99.6%.
    • Has low percent of iron oxides (Fe2O3), ranging from 0.015% to 0.025%.


Central Desert Mining Company has quarry located in wadi Al Dahl Zaafarana at Red Sea Cost. Its dimensions are 100m x100m means 10,000 in area.

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